Choose Campaign Type According To Your Niche : We consider your targets our goals to achieve the best results for your business and make sure we do everything we can to make sure your campaign goes above and beyond. That is why we focus on niche based PPC marketing.

Using easy PPC tools, you can improve the website visibility of your business, which can drive increased traffic and sales. That's why we take this job of supplying your customers with pay per click products very seriously for their online campaign. We guarantee that we run a transparent and flexible PPC management campaign with best CTR rate so that you can feel confident and safe while acquiring our services.

Our PPC management is always result oriented. We have insights for your promotions, A/B test landing pages, and ensure the outcomes are powered by your keywords. We'll let you know how every step of the way your campaign performs and make educated suggestions about how to proceed.


Search Network Campaign

Google Search Campaigns require you to show ads in the Google listings, which is a search results display ad. Keywords that cost more, aim to let you profit you the most. Our expertise lies in search network PPC campaign

Display Network Campaign

Display ads are text, banner and image ads that appear on various websites, selected to target specific audiences. Such ads will link to your website. Normally they show a lower click-through rate than search ads, but it can be helpful to develop brand awareness.

Shopping Campaign

If you are a retailer, you can hire our Shopping PPC campaign services to promote your local and online inventory and, enhance traffic to your website or local store, and get better qualified leads. Our Shopping PPC campaign services include:

  • Product shopping ads
  • Showcase Shopping ads
  • Local catalog ads

Video Campaign (YouTube)

Social media networks such as YouTube have high numbers of users who could be your prospect customers. PPC advertisement helps you achieve higher click-through rates on YouTube pages and increase awareness of your products or services. The networks can be used to monitor audience with particular interests based on their niche.

App Campaign

We provide exceptional Google Adwords universal app campaigns (UAC) services, app promotion services to promote Android or iOS apps to billions of users across Google network (Google Play Store, Search, Display, YouTube) increasing quality leads, app installs, user experience, in-app engagement, conversions, sales and ROI.


Get the best ROI on your PPC investment and use our PPC services to boost your business. In today's competitive markets, bringing more visitors to your website can not be an easy task to accomplish. So, rely on our management of the PPC Campaign and get better results for your brand. We have ensured that enough traffic is generated on their websites and that their income has improved as a direct result of using our campaign management services for Pay Per Click (PPC). The reason we will produce these great results in each and every pay per click for our product comes from the way we handle and treat the work of our clients.


Our PPC management services are a Google Premier Partner, a designation reserved for top 3 Australian Google Partners. You must be able to negotiate openly about the offers and terms of service while attempting to choose the right PPC service company for yourself. We'll help you get past that in a matter of days with our team so we can start our marketing campaign for your site with our pay per click. You can choose us easily as your go-to PPC Company and use our PPC tools to be effective targeting search engines marketing.


At Green SEO Aus, we believe that our job as the PPC company is to make the complicated, technical and unnerving process of internet marketing as simple as possible for our clients. One of the many ways we do this is by having a single point of contact for each of our PPC client to handle the plan and queries. You will get to know your PPC expert and they're going to get to know your business and understand your exclusive needs.