Project Details

Project Type: Search Engine Optimization

Target Country: Miami

Project Niche: Restuarant

Project Details:

Falafel Place is a modern Middle Eastern restaurant, which started its journey in 2003 as a catering company in the neighborhoods surrounding Somerville, MA. In March 2015, Falafel Place opened its first brick-and-mortar location at 1 Main St, Somerville, MA.

Project Scope/Challenge:

My Falafel Place is a Miami-based company that provides Restuarant in Miami & surroundings. As a local Restuarant company, they need to rank their keywords under Miami They have low ranking as well as low organic traffic on their’site. There are also multiple On-Page & Technical Issues found in My Falafel Place Website. They want to more branding & organic traffic.


I applied these techniques to rank My Falafel Place Keywords on First Page

Step 1: Get on board with all types of keyword research.

Step 2: Conduct an in-depth competitive analysis.

Step 3: FixedMy Falafel Place website’s architecture.

Step 4: OptimizedMy Falafel Place website based on technical SEO guidelines.

Step 5: Create long-form content (2500-4500 words) using keywords, competitor analysis, and the skyscraper technique.

Step 6: OptimizedMy Falafel Place pages content.

Step 7: Used branding & Content Marketing techniques.

Step 8: High Authority link building.

Step 9: Local Directories


Website Speed: Website speed takes part a vital role in ranking on the first page of Google. We optimized theMy Falafel Place website & optimize all its images & other files.

Website On-Page Score: On-Page is very important in terms to increase ranking & CTR. We optimized On-Page tags ofMy Falafel Place before starting Off-Page SEO. We are focus on these points during On-Page Optimization

=> Title
=> Meta Description
=> H1
=> Image Alt tags
=> Internal Linking
=> Keyword Stuffing
=> Content Optimization
=> Keywords Stuffing

Keywords Ranking: Keywords Optimization is of the most important thing which must do before start SEO. We searched & Optimized keywords for My Falafel Place by using paid tools, google keyword planner & competitor research. We select those keywords having high searches & average to low competition. We select keywords on the basis of these things

=> Branding Keywords
=> Services base Keywords
=> Location base Keywords
=> General – High Searches Keywords

See the My Falafel Place organic keywords stats get from Ahrefs

Organic Traffic Stats: Traffic from Google or any other search engine is the dream of any online business owner & we make them a reality by doing great SEO things. We worked especially for organic traffic for My Falafel Place & drive traffic from Google to the website.

The below stats shows the Organic Traffic of My Falafel Place get from Ahrefs

Backlinks Stats: A website’s ranking depends upon its quality of backlinks. If you get backlinks from lower authority sites then it will harm your website. We checked the authority & spam score of every website which we used for backlinks. We give high authority backlinks for my Falafel Place. We select sites on the basis of these things

=> High Website Authority
=> Low Spam Score
=> Local Sites/Directories
=> Niche Relevant/General Sites

The below graph shows theMy Falafel Place Link Building Stats get from Ahrefs